Interview with Jacobo Peralta

Jacobo Peralta, project manager in CEMOSA and project coordinator of ebalance-plus talks to ESCI about the current challenges of the energy markets and the solutions that the project is working on.

Household Energy Management – new scientific publication

The article presents the results of work related to energy management in households in which renewable energy sources can be installed. It focuses on the developed elastic energy management algorithm, which is activated either in time periods with a higher energy price or when peak demand occurs.

Attitude towards energy saving

Social aspects of innovation. Attitude towards energy saving in Denmark, France, Italy and Spain To a large extent, the real performance and success of technological systems depend on the users, …

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Ebalance-plus Hierarchical Architecture

ebalance-plus hierarchical architecture The ebalance-plus project aims to provide an energy balancing platform, ensuring flexibility, security, stability, resilience and scalability of the distribution grid. The concept comprises a set of …

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