Electric cars join the local power grid at the University of Málaga

Our spanish colleagues are aiming to unlock energy flexibility by using the batteries of electric vehicles and connecting them to the local energy grid. By this the University of Málaga is paving the way for a sustainable energy future.

Learn more in our video: 

On day 1 of Enlit Europe our “win-win approach” for both energy consumers and distribution grid operators is featured in Enlit´s magazine.

Focus is on our work in Spain :

  • Despite being a climate leader, an uneven electricity supply has led to Spain becoming an energy ‘island.’  
  • The national grid poses problems for energy consumers: they rarely control their energy supply and a spike in energy prices can lead to financial penalties or even a blackout.
  • The ebalance-plus project is finding ways to use smart energy grids to ‘balance’ energy networks. The ebalance-plus platform benefits both consumers and those operating the distribution system: a win-win!

Learning by Playing

Everyone is talking about energy-efficient technology. But technology alone is not the whole solution. Active support from all of us makes the difference. Behavioural change can have the effect of …

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