Smart energy flexibility for distribution grids

European innovators aim to increase electric grid flexibility and resilience by creating and integrating smart energy technologies into an energy balancing platform.

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Key technologies

Management unit icon
Management units & smart grid technologies
High-efficient power convertors
Vehicle 2 Grid
Data-centric middleware

Real life pilots

The project will implement, test and demonstrate its system solutions with different flexibility and resilience functionalities in four demonstration sites across Europe and at an additional in-lab emulator.

It will tackle different challenges such as interoperability, demand response and integration of smart- grid solutions.

Málaga (Spain)
University of Málaga
Arcavacata (Italy)
University of Calabria
Lille (France)
Jutland (Denmark)
Jutland Summer Houses
Frankfurt an der Oder (Germany)
IHP In-Lab Emulator

News & Events

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🎞Last week the @ebalanceplus project ended after 4 prosperous years of work looking to increase the #flexibility and #resilience of the electricity grid by creating an energy balancing platform⚡

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#NetZero emissions in 2050 cannot be achieved without people’s consent and active support. Behavioural changes are needed, particularly in richer parts of the world, where energy-intensive lifestyles are the norm.
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🎞 New video out! In the last 48 months we aimed to increase #electric #grid #flexibility and #resilience. How? By creating and integrating #smart ##energy #technologies into an energy balancing platform. Learn everything about our #research:

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You will find comprehensive explanatory #videos about our different demo sites, interesting #interviews with our project partners and all you need to know about our #marketready #technology solutions!

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