1st External Advisory Board meeting


First External Advisory Board Meeting

On April 28, ebalance-plus had its 1st meeting with the project External Advisory Board.
The EAB members support the project with their expertise, give their feedback and advice regarding the project progress.
Laureano F. Escudero, Research Fellow from the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos (Spain), Arturo Lapietra from Omnia Energia (Italy) and Lotte Holmberg Rasmussen from Centrica Energy Trading (Denmark) joined the first meeting.

During the meeting, Jacobo Peralta, the coordinator of the project, presented the ebalance-plus approach, Razgar Ebrahimy, leader of project foundations and analysis of flexibility mechanisms, presented the use cases, demo-sides and technical and market requirements of the project and finally, Mara van Welie, the Exploitation manager of the project, talked about the preliminary business models and obstacles to innovation that have been identified so far.

The meeting concluded with a round table and discussions, focused among other things on, the development of energy balancing algorithms, the needs of DSOs, and the structure of electricity markets. The EAB gave the consortium value feedback and ideas for the next steps.