National tender for our Spanish demonstration site is open!


Now, that the planning of the photovoltaic infrastructure for electric vehicle charging in the Ada Byron building of University of Malaga is completed, the construction of the smart car park will follow.

In order to guarantee a fair award of the contract, the following call for tenders has been published:!ut/p/b1/nY_LaoNAGIWfJQ9Q5p-rk-WMGjV4S0enOhuRkqSWqqWUEnz6mpJtU-jZHfj4Dgc51OKth5mUkhPUIDf1X8O5_xzmqX-7dic6Fha-v4sJSEMDIGlQ1yK-VoKeVqRdEfglCv42uB-EU5_ZvS2FSSKAJN4FaY05RETcgDsT7Qp4nbLhQSVbCoV-XEf2ZVaVEcEAAtlp_hjXPxVqgHXmVb5nz4am0ErIl_CSL9klqxqzUFtbdVCscro9bzY3sTZSKo0VFDLUkHArgtzLCAH2b3Eez-MRje7lZMox5cOD-gZqVcpr/dl4/d5/L0lDUmlTUSEhL3dHa0FKRnNBLzRKVXFDQSEhL2Vu/

Interested construction companies can apply within the deadline of 25.05.2022, 13h.

In the course of June and July we will keep you informed about which of the companies best meets the selection criteria and the start of the construction site. 

Stay tuned!