Energy Flexibility Solutions for Summer Houses



Join our presentation at the EUSEW on October 28, 13:30 to learn how you can boost energy efficiency in your vacation resort!

Together with X-flex project, we will  show you how two holiday resorts (Albena in Bulgaria and Novasol in Denmark) make use of their special conditions to provide energy flexibility from their local networks to the distribution grid, to increase their reliability and efficiency.

Summer houses in Denmark are quite popular with tourists mainly because of their indoor pools that can be used throughout the year and mainly in the cold seasons. They are equipped with a heat pump or a boiler to heat the pool and keep the temperature within predefined set-points. This provides an opportunity to use the pools as thermal storage to help the grid by delaying the investment costs, avoiding the grid congestion, and provide voltage and frequency control service.

In Bulgaria, for both summer and winter resorts, hot water generation is a very large energy consumer for the needs of swimming pools, restaurants, and domestic needs. Similarly, as in Denmark, different heaters are used such as electric boilers, heat pumps or even fuel fired boilers. This could be overlooked as a large thermal energy storage system that could provide flexibility to the electricity grid but also increase revenues as a grid balancing service.